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A Hands-Off Landowner: Earning Passive Income with Your Property

You may own residential properties that are in good quality and unused, but the thought of renting it out and becoming a landowner might seem to be more trouble than the money you’ll earn. Apart from screening tenants, you’ll be in charge of keeping the home safe for occupation, collecting rent, and handling complaints about your tenant from other neighbors.

Property management, however, takes away all those troubles and provides you with passive income from renting your property. All you need is your property and JWB Property Management services in Jacksonville, FL. We’ll handle all the aspects of renting out your property while you profit from the returns.

Property Management: How It Works

Hiring the services of a property management company allows the company to handle all the responsibilities of being a landowner. In exchange for a fee, the company will:

  • Set, collect, and adjust the rent
  • Find and screen potential tenants
  • Handle leases, complaints, emergencies, maintenance, repairs, and move-outs
  • Deal with evictions
  • Comply with safety standards
  • Supervise employees on the property (e.g., security, concierge)
  • Maintain budget and records
  • File property taxes

Some people find this long list of tasks just not worth the money earned renting out their property. They may also find that they lack the skills, time, and knowledge to perform all these tasks. A property management company has an experienced team equipped to perform these tasks.

If you lack the experience, have too many properties to handle, live far away from the property, or are just generally not interested in being a hands-on landowner, hiring a property management company is the convenient option.

How You Profit

Hiring property management services is a passive form of income because, while you do not have to do anything, most of the rent revenue goes back to you. A portion of that rent goes to the company as payment for services rendered. The amount varies between companies, but our fees are simple and transparent – one sign of a reliable property management company. We’ll help you deliver a positive cash flow into your rental property portfolio.

At JWB Property Management, we take 10 percent of the gross rents collected as a management fee. We also take the first month’s rent as a tenant replacement fee. Our lease renewal fee is $250, but we only provide two and three-year leases, which is why your home will have fewer tenant turnovers.

Why JWB Property Management?

Not all property management companies are alike. Finding a good company involves looking at what they offer, their network, and the number of property owners satisfied with their service.

JWB Property Management offers its clients with a better overall return on investment. When we let tenants into your property, we only offer two and three-year leases. This means fewer turnovers, fewer costs, and tenants occupying your house longer so that you can keep profiting from your property without worrying about it being empty.

We don’t markup maintenance costs. Instead, we provide discounts due to our volume of construction done. Unlike many other companies, we put both your satisfaction and your tenants as a priority to our company, which is why we carry a 97 percent occupancy rate.

Property management services provide all the benefits of being a landowner without the hassle of dealing with tenants and other aspects of renting out your property. If you have properties in Jacksonville, Florida ready for rental but feel hesitant to do the work yourself, let the experts of a property management company do it for you.

JWB Property Management can help you see bigger, higher returns through passive income. Trust that our team will handle all the frustrations of being a landowner and provide you with good returns.

Contact us today to get started.

By Gregg Cohen

I am a co-founder at JWB Real Estate Capital, and I love to talk about investing in rental properties! You’ll often find me here contributing to our blog and in our Facebook group connecting with the community & sharing insights.

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