Rental market estimate report

What should you be renting your property for? Learn your optimal market rental value and more in the Rental Market Estimate Report. Raise your rent 10% in 10 minutes.

How to get better ROI

As a premium service provider, we understand that what's best for you is minimal resident placement fees. That's why we only offer two to three-year leases and boast a 70% tenant renewal rate. On average, our residents stay over three years, saving you thousands of dollars in yearly turnover fees.

70% tenant renewal rate

What else?

We start over $3 million worth of construction each month. Our contractor teams work within JWB's line item pricing agreement, which means that we pay one set rate for specific work done on any property. As our client, you get the benefit of the buying power of our entire operation, ensuring low maintenance costs across the board.

How we deliver

Enjoy the passive income without the hassle.

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We market and advertise your properties to the right future tenants.

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We maximize your rental rates while managing your geographically distant properties, so you can live where you want without worry.

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Rent collection

We collect and deposit monthly rental payments on time.

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We manage routine and emergency maintenance, take care of routine inspections and handle any tenant situations that may arise.

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With our client portal, you can track your portfolio's monthly income and expenses day or night.

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We make sure your properties are up- to-date and in compliance with housing regulations and property laws.

Long-term leases and 70% tenant renewals deliver better returns to happy clients.

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What's unique about Rental
Management in Jacksonville, FL

Did you know? Jacksonville, FL has more waterfront property than any other city in the U.S. With over 1,100 miles of beaches and waterways, Jacksonville surrounds the St. Johns River on each side and is home to 22 miles of beaches. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, consider these five incredible facts about rental management in Jacksonville, FL:

  1. 1. Jacksonville’s population has been consistently climbing 2% a year over the last ten years proving to be more desirable than Tampa and Miami
  2. 2. Home to four Fortune 500 companies, Forbe’s awarded Jacksonville as the 8th largest city with the fastest growing economy and the 7th top city for future job growth
  3. 3. In fact, job growth in Jacksonville is expected to be almost 40% throughout the next ten years
  4. 4. Investing in Jacksonville is affordable, with housing sale prices expected to increase by 4.3%, two times higher than the rest of the country
  5. 5. Jacksonville has an exceptional health care system that boasts over 20 hospitals and an expanding bio-science initiative
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"Your response today is the type of service that has impressed me so far and will keep our partnership going for years to come. 'Under promise and over deliver' - words to live by."

- Alan & Hanh P. | Missouri
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"JWB provided us with some amazing properties to choose from based on our budget and investing goals - making sure the entire experience was seamless and stress-free. We are clients for life!!

- Bruce Pratt | Florida