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Property Management 101

Tips for Renting Your Home in the Summer

Even though the weather isn’t exactly conducive for moving, summer is the high season in Florida for pulling up stakes and finding a new home. Families want their kids to finish school years in familiar surroundings and employers offer new jobs in the spring and...

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Is Your Rental Home Ready for Winter?

Even if you own property in the South (where it sometimes seems like winter is the shortest season), it still takes some preparation to get your rental home ready for winter and cooler weather. The furnace and plumbing require attention, and the cooler weather is the...

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How Much to Ask for Security Deposit

Security deposits protect property owners from some, and sometimes all, the financial risks they take when renting or leasing a home. Deposits are a given when renting and can be spread out over a few months or collected before the tenant takes possession of the...

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How Much Should You Charge for Rent?

Establishing the rental rates for investment properties impacts its overall profitability. The importance of the exercise dictates a careful approach because setting the rates too low leaves money on the table, while rates too high could reduce the pool of likely...

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